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Name Ayo City Johannesburg
Subjects Physics, chemistry, maths, maths literacy
I do have a honours degree in engineering,and I do give really affordable or whatsapp me
Contact (M.)  0781060410  (T.)  0781060410  (E.) 

High School, College, University Tutor

Name Excellent City Johannesburg
Subjects Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Statistics, Engineering science, physical sciences
I don't brag about qualifications, I am experienced and qualified ,however I let my work do the bragging. If you are looking for great minds I am here. I am one of the few passionate and reliable tutors you can find around.I use proper learning materials and strategies that have worked for the students i tutored before, send me whatsapp text/call me for enquiries, Remember Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance!!!
Contact (M.)  0603113364  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Grade 4-12,College N2-N6, University Tutor

Name Eyphodia City Johannesburg
Subjects Maths Lit, Mathematics, Engineering Science, Statistics, Physical Sciences and more...
The miracle that you are willing to see with your level of performance will happen when you find a dedicated tutor and when you are willing to work hard, for proper tutoring /lessons contact me or Tevin, we will surely impart our great knowledge from our vast experience. I do online live sessions , one-one and group sessions. Call /whatsapp for rates and arrangements.Dont wait till last days towards ur exams /assessments.This is the best service you can find once in a blue moon.
Contact (M.)  0616695319  (T.)  0713489286  (E.) 

SePedi (Northern Sotho)

Name Tshegofatso City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects SePedi (Northern Sotho)
Hi, please contact me if you need help with the subject. Kind Regards.
Contact (M.)  0813481657  (T.)  0813481657  (E.) 

Dedicated and passionate Maths, physics Tutor

Name Caledon City Midrand
Subjects Physics, chemistry, Maths and science
Good day Parents, I am a hard working tutor that dedicates my time to helping student who may find maths, science, physics or chemistry challenging. I am able to assist with different curriculums and different teaching approaches. I am currently studying astrophysics at wits in my 2nd year. Through my studies I have learnt a vast majority of the importance of goal setting and education. I strive for only the best.
Contact (M.)  0817090999  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Math And Life Science Tutor

Name Ademola City Bloemfontein
Subjects Mathematics And Life Science
Mathematics And Life Science are really fun subjects that I enjoyed doing when I was in high school and enjoy teaching right now that I am in the University Of Pretoria Doing Engineering. I guarantee understanding and a high pass mark when teaching these two subjects. Now let’s work :)
Contact (M.)  0605253647  (T.)  0605253647  (E.) 

Maths&Science Tutor

Name Vusumuzi Gumede City Johannesburg
Subjects Maths and Science
I'm a varsity student and I offer tutoring classes for high school learners.
Contact (M.)  0784469258  (T.)  0784469258  (E.) 


Name Thato City Johannesburg
Subjects Maths, Life Sciences and Geography
Looking for a way to help learners in their high school extra academics
Contact (M.)  0607158478  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Passionate Maths and Physics Tutor (Grade 12 CAPS)

Name Bongani Vincent Kobani City Johannesburg
Subjects Maths and Physics Grade 12 (CAPS)
I have an honours degree in metallurgical engineering from Wits University. My availability depends on arrangements made in advance. Every person has unlimited potential stored within and therefore there are infinite possibilities for success and excellence.
Contact (M.)  0731028913  (T.)  0791437144  (E.) 

Tutoring job

Name Alex Simpson City Cape Town
Subjects Any primary school subjects and Maths Lit Grade 10 - 11 and Maths Lit Grade 10 to 12
Great success tutoring Maths Lit Grade 12 level. 86%, 81%, 80%, 76%, 56%
Contact (M.)  0662644493  (T.)  0216852666  (E.) 

Mathematics and Physics Tutor

Name Nathi City Durban
Subjects Mathematics and Sciences Best tutor
Best tutor for the above listed subjects based in Durban. Been tutoring for 5 yrs well experienced tutor. Whatsapp 074 585 4382
Contact (M.)  0676170334  (T.)  0780300159  (E.) 

Accounting Tutor

Name Petronella City Johannesburg
Subjects Accounting
I am a qualified tutor for Accounting.I hold a degree in Bcom Accounting Ca Stream and am currently doing my honours. Kindly note that I am only available to tutor weekends in person, during the week I can assist with assignments. I tutor all groups (university and high school students) Please feel free to contact me.
Contact (M.)  0739994060  (T.)  0739994060  (E.) 

Civil Engineering and Mathematics Tutor

Name Joseph Mutungwe City Johannesburg
Subjects Mathematics,Calculus, Physics, EGD, Physical Science, Geography
I have a BEng Civil Engineering degree from the University of Johannesburg. I have 3 years tutoring experience. I am a former lecturer for Maths, AutoCAD and Revit at Johannesburg Institute of Engineering and Technology.
Contact (M.)  0842490047  (T.)  0842490047  (E.) 

Life sciences and Mathematics Tutor

Name Khutso City Johannesburg
Subjects Life Sciences and Mathematics
-2 years experience in tutoring -Travel to you -R170/hr -Teaches in English -Not more than 2 students at once
Contact (M.)  0724181448  (T.)  0724181448  (E.) 

Commerce Tutor

Name Kay-gee tutorials City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Mathematics, EMS, Accounting and FAC 1- 2
The RELIABLE and AFFORDABLE TUTOR who has been tutoring for five(5) years with excellency. Together with my team we assist grade 6-12, matric rewrites and unisa students with exam preparations and assignments. REMEMBER is better now than later.
Contact (M.)  081 783 8684  (T.)  072 217 9968  (E.) 

Experienced High School teacher

Name Lerato City Johannesburg
Subjects Maths, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Natural Sciences
I am an experienced high school teacher with over 6yrs tutoring experience. I provide all studying material, conduct relevant tests and guarantee the best results possible.
Contact (M.)  0711892556  (T.)  0676102583  (E.) 

Private tutor

Name Sibusiso City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Maths, physical Sciences and Life Sciences (Grade 10-12)
final year student in Actuarial Sciences
Contact (M.)  0744777978  (T.)  0744777978  (E.) 

Upper primary

Name Madelaine Malec City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Primary school Maths, English, Afrikaans
I have taught at Glenstantia Primary School in Pretoria for 13 years and then at a British International school in Saudi Arabia (Cambridge Curriculum)for 13 years until 2017.
Contact (M.)  0827077455  (T.)  0129420737  (E.) 

CAT Tutor

Name Chirag City Johannesburg
Subjects CAT - Computer Applications Technology
I am a second year IT student who has an interest in teaching others about CAT.
Contact (M.)  0786542494  (T.)   -    (E.) 


Name Busisiwe Modise City Johannesburg
Subjects English
Contact (M.)  0792550050  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Maths and Physics Tutor

Name Miss Syed City Durban
Subjects Mathematica and Physical Science
Offering Maths and Physical Science tuition in Berea Area. Tutor for 3 years 100% pass rate. average 70-80%
Contact (M.)  0847499835  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Mathematics and Statistics Tutor

Name Simangaliso City Johannesburg
Subjects Mathematics and Statistics
I am an experienced Tutor with an Honours Degree in Applied Mathematics from the University of Pretoria. Let me help you improve your grades
Contact (M.)  0799631357  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Accounting Troubles? Look no Further

Name Tshegofatso Mashile City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Accounting, Business Management
I am a very patient person, looking to empart some valuable accounting skills to anyone seeking help. I am a bookkeeper and have sound business knowledge and experience.
Contact (M.)  0714926748  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Maths and Accounting Tutor

Name Tshepo Mogopudi City Johannesburg
Subjects Maths, accounting, advanced mathematics
I'm a passionate, reliable and excellent driven educator. Final year BEd student and I provide one on one turoring sessions for anyone who needs help to excel in maths and accounting from Grade 1 to second year university level. Contact me for more information and scheduling of classes.
Contact (M.)  0731157140  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Private Tutor

Name Nosipho Thusi City Johannesburg
Subjects English Literature, History, Isizulu and academic writing
I am a qualified Teacher with creative teaching strategies in the above mentioned subjects.
Contact (M.)  0792476757  (T.)  0659939684  (E.) 

Mathematics tutotr

Name Nkululeko Sadike City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Mathematics
I am a full time maths tutor with 4 years experience. I am passionate about tutoring and I always bring out the best in my students. there is a free mathematics textbook i have compiled and will be available to all my students. references are available at your request.
Contact (M.)  0813840974  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Mathematics Tutor

Name Tshegofatso Padi City Johannesburg
Subjects Mathematics
I am currently studying my final Fourth year In BIng Civil Engineering at the university Of Johannesburg. I excel in mathematics. I offer Tutoring classes in High school maths, from grade 8 to grade 12.
Contact (M.)  0659424715  (T.)  0711960073  (E.) 

Maths and Science

Name Simon City Cape Town
Subjects Mathematics and physical Science
Start the year on a good path by getting tutored by the best
Contact (M.)  0781318375  (T.)  0781318375  (E.) 

Pretoria's best physics tutor

Name Lani City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Physical Sciences; Mathematics; English; Life Sciences; Math Literary
I have 3 years experience in improving students' marks
Contact (M.)  0658097173  (T.)  0658097173  (E.) 

Experienced Private Tutor

Name Sorelle City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Maths, AP maths, physics, Chemistry, French,English
Get quality tutoring at the comfort of your home. I'm a well experienced tutor- 8 years of experience. I help students reach their full potential. Familiar with the IEB, NSC , CAPS and Cambridge system. I test my students frequently to ensure that they are indeed making progress. Contact me for bookings/references.
Contact (M.)  0760306642  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Grade 1-12 Math Tutor

Name Devan Coetzee City Johannesburg
Subjects Mathematics, Economics and Accounting
I am proficient in all three subjects. I want students to realise that success comes from hard work. Any body can create their own success.
Contact (M.)  0607346537  (T.)  0607346537  (E.) 

Tutor for all high school grades

Name Challenge Musonza City Johannesburg
Subjects Maths, Physics, Geography
I am an experienced tutor with at least 4 years in the industry and my clients get distinctions in their respective fields
Contact (M.)  0670504599  (T.)  0670504599  (E.) 

High school, Cambridge and University Tutor

Name Rodney Mahlangu City Johannesburg
Subjects Maths, Physical sciences,Statistics, AP Maths, Engineering maths and Civil Engineering modules
Best affordable high school(CAPS, IEB and cambridge) tutor around Johannesburg. For all your high school and University tutoring needs please contact Rodney
Contact (M.)  0652896771  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Tutor teacher

Name Suzette City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Grade4-12 Biology, Physics, Chemistry, General Science
Support learning and understanding of content, identifying student ‘s needs, focusing on skills to enhance achievement
Contact (M.)  0733062340  (T.)  0733062340  (E.) 

Pure Mathematics lessons

Name Eddie City Johannesburg
Subjects Pure Mathematics
Good day students.I work from home. I provide extra lessons in Pure Mathematics for those in need from grade 8 to grade 12.R200 per hour per session. Kindly contact Eddie on 0610474 689
Contact (M.)  0610474689  (T.)  0610474689  (E.) 

Mathematics and Physical Sciences Tutor

Name Nokwanda Magugu City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Maths, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Geography, Isizulu,
I believe in academic excellence and that every learner should excel in their subjects.
Contact (M.)  0791247938  (T.)  0791247938  (E.) 

High school and University tutor

Name Nkateko Hlongwane City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Accounting, Economics and Business Economics
I'm a graduate in Accounting. I help from grade 10 up to University level. Located in Polokwane.
Contact (M.)  0762312563  (T.)  0815148864  (E.) 

Mathematics Tutor

Name Sizwe City Johannesburg
Subjects Mathematics
Offering help for grade 10-12 leaners who want to do well in based in Soweto but can travel to any part of Joburg
Contact (M.)  0743127381  (T.)  0743127381  (E.) 

Grade 4-12,College N1-N6 and University tutor!!

Name Tevin City Bloemfontein
Subjects Statistics, Maths, Physical science, Engineering Science, Linear Algebra,Calculus,structures..
Get best tutoring service from few of the best, dedicated, experienced, Competent, Award Winning, Professional and reliable tutor Tevin at affordable rates. I offer exam preparation, Homework and assignment assistance, Online lessons, one-on-one sessions, Group sessions...I am passionate about improving your level of performance, boost your confidence and helping you to be very analytical. Don't hesitate to whatsapp/sms/email/call.Your decision determines ur destiny!!!
Contact (M.)  0734240498   (T.)  0659676405  (E.) 

Acccounting , Economics, Commerce subjects tutor

Name Anderson City Johannesburg
Subjects Accounting, economics, business studies and all commerce subjects etc
Good day, My name is Anderson, I have been tutoring for the past 5 years, I have a degree in accounting and various teaching certificates, I make sure my students pass because I believe anyone can do it, I have patients with my students, I can drive to you at anytime, call me or email me on 0788796708 or 0784309045 and
Contact (M.)  0784309045  (T.)  0788796708  (E.) 

Maths, Maths Lit & Accounting Tutoring

Name Jay City Midrand
Subjects Maths, Maths literacy & Accounting grade 7 - 12
Over 20 years of teaching experience. Individual attention given to students. External marker for final matric examinations & Head of department. I tutor in Midrand & Pretoria East. Kindly contact me 0749795751 or
Contact (M.)  0749795751  (T.)  0749795751  (E.)

Name Fortune Ndlovu City Johannesburg
Subjects Mathematics
Hi there. I am a final year Mechanical Engineering student. If you are in grade 12 and would like someone to mentor you through out the year, kindly give me a call or send an email.
Contact (M.)  0733268960  (T.)   -    (E.) 


Name Kananelo Moloi City Johannesburg
Subjects Life Sciences, Engineering Graphics and Design, Natural Sciences, Technology and Mathematics
I am a qualified Teacher with a Bachelor of Education from Wits University. I have three years tutoring experience in the subjects mentioned above. I am currently doing a B.Ed Honours in Science Education at Wits.
Contact (M.)  0713865736  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Private Tutor

Name Trevor City Midrand
Subjects Maths, Accounting and PHysics
An experienced tutor with traceable references. Topic-By-Topic Improvement
Contact (M.)  0785180234  (T.)   -    (E.) 

!!Numbers are the name of the game!!

Name Werner Rautenbach City Johannesburg
Subjects Accounting, Mathematics, Financial Management, Economics, Taxation
Qualified B Com Accounting holder, ex high school teacher and college lecturer.
Contact (M.)  074 636 6139  (T.)   -    (E.) 


Name Chimdi City Johannesburg
Subjects Maths, Physical science, Life science, agricluture
My teaching approach is learners centred. Very eager to see my learners progress in their studies.
Contact (M.)  0748366063  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Best Mathematics Tutor

Name John City Johannesburg
Subjects Mathematics and Science Grade 4-12
I offer best Mathematics and Science home tutoring service at an affordable price.
Contact (M.)  0732499040  (T.)  0732499040  (E.) 

A Mobile Teacher or Tutor

Name Mr EL Ngidi City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Grade 11 to 12 including Tertiary Mathematics, Applied Mathematics , Physics & Chemistry
I'm a 40 years old matured scientist in possession of the following qualifications; MSc Organic Chemistry, BSc Hons Chemistry, BSc Mathematics & Chemistry, PGCE Physical Science and Mathematics from Wits University. SACE registration no. 12338452. Would like to get learners from Pretoria North and Pretoria central.
Contact (M.)  0722802870  (T.)  0123056155  (E.) 

Dedicated reliable goal driven tutor

Name Kerry English City Johannesburg
Subjects English, afrikaans, study skills, life science, social science
I have been a private tutor for 8 years, I'm currently completing a degree in teaching. Im goal driven... I believe in achieving. I'm available in afternoons on the East Rand.
Contact (M.)  +27832938741  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Math and Science Tutor

Name Kabelo City Johannesburg
Subjects CAT, Science and Mathematics all grades.
I have a BSc Chemical engineering degree from Wits university and posses massive experience in campus and high school tutoring around Johannesburg. If you are looking to better your results and obtain straight As like myself, please contact me and i will glad to help you achieve your dreams. I charge R250 to R300 per hour depending on the distance to your place. I provide comprehensive exemplers with full solutions and full notes covering every inch of the syllabus. Thank you.
Contact (M.)  0761114407  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Maths and Accounting Tutor. Primrose, Germiston

Name Mr P. MEJA City Johannesburg
Subjects Maths and Accounting
Experienced Maths and accounting teacher who vies to improve your child's maths and accounting mark. The sooner we start the better. These are good hands that produce unforgettable results. PRIMROSE, GERMISTON
Contact (M.)  074 937 5160  (T.)  074 937 5160  (E.) 

Everything is Maths!!

Name Manqoba Mbonambi City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Mathematics
I am tutor of mathematics from its A to Z. I starts from the basics and then go up to most common questions so that the student is able to answer any questions!!
Contact (M.)  0794248359  (T.)  0794248359  (E.) 

Calculus, Algebra, Statistics, UNISA

Name Thabo Crispen City Johannesburg
Subjects Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Physics, Chemistry,
I am an experienced tutor with experience in tutoring all Maths related subjects. I am an Applied Mathematics Student. Need help, Feel free. Guarantee
Contact (M.)  0823972838  (T.)  0823972838  (E.) 

Maths & Accounting Tutor!!

Name Tshepiso City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Mathematics & Accounting
I’m studying BSc Actuarial and Financial science at the university of Pretoria (final year). I can help you achieve great results to enable you to study whichever degree you’d want to study.
Contact (M.)  0747383285  (T.)  0814791513  (E.) 

I guarantee quality results.

Name Chuene City Johannesburg
Subjects Mathematics and physical science
Only pay me if you are satisfied with my work. I have 4 years experience working for agencies like master maths etc. I charge 220/hr with major discounts if more hours are taken.
Contact (M.)  0659141642  (T.)  0659141642  (E.) 

Need help with maths and science? Here to assist.

Name Lebogang City Johannesburg
Subjects Mathematics, physical science, life scien
Struggling with you studies? Look no further, Let me help you with your studies at an affordable price.
Contact (M.)  0731013109  (T.)  0723593357   (E.) 

Qualiy Maths and Science help

Name Sello City Johannesburg
Subjects Mathematics and Physical sciences
I have 4 years experience in the field. I will be able to provide you with my resume before you make the final decision. I guarantee the best results no matter what level the learner might be at this stage.
Contact (M.)  0767891755  (T.)  0767891755  (E.) 

Experienced Tutor, Engineering Student.

Name Danielle City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Mathematics, Physical Science, Afrikaans, English, Accounting
I am a 4th year chemical engineering student and I am dedicated and passionate about learning and helping others to do so. I tailor my tutoring approach to each student and help to meet their specific needs. I believe it is important to give kids the necessary tools so that they feel confident in their school work and in themselves. I believe in learning through self discovery which helps students find the best way for them to learn, without the need for "parrot learning".
Contact (M.)  0847350273  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Life Sciences Tutor

Name Hayley City Pietermaritzburg
Subjects Life Sciences/Biology
I love helping High School students conquer Biology! I was a Life Sciences tutor at school and achieved a distinction in Life Sciences in Matric.
Contact (M.)   -    (T.)   -    (E.) 


Name Mr. Sazi S. City Johannesburg
Subjects All subjects
All grades, Around Soweto and Johannesburg, I'm an undergraduate student at university university of South Africa.I am doing my second year of B.ed
Contact (M.)  0670844308  (T.)  0760874958  (E.) 

All Math Tuition

Name Sfiso City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects All math subjects from grade 10 to 4th year.
I'm a BSc Mathematics graduate from the University of Pretoria. I help with everything from day-to-day studying to assignment writing and exam preparation. I offer both one-on-one and group sessions. I have various packages tailored to suit your needs.
Contact (M.)  0723963860  (T.)   -    (E.) 


Name Carina City Johannesburg
Subjects Afrikaans
I am completing my bachelor arts degree in School Subject Areas at the University of Johannesburg and I'm graduating in 2020. I am in Afrikaans and History. Other modules that I have studied consist of Education studies and Religious studies as well as Psychology
Contact (M.)  0834110381  (T.)   -    (E.) 


Name Yumna City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects English
I am qualified to teach English among foreign learners .
Contact (M.)  0723479408  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Competent tutor available

Name Tinashe City Johannesburg
Subjects Taxation, Accounting ,Financial Management and Auditing
Are you experiencing difficulties in your accounting and finance modules? Worry no more.
Contact (M.)  0625937906  (T.)  0625937906  (E.) 

Don't wait until its too late...

Name Beverly Lenyibi City Johannesburg
Subjects Foundation and intersen Phase Subjects
I am a foundation Phase teacher with 5 years of experience. I tutor at your home. I accommodate all people from Johannesburg South. I charge R200 for 1 hour and 30 minutes. Improve your child's marks now before its too late!
Contact (M.)   -    (T.)  0614520749  (E.) 

Maths Tutor

Name Lynne Marais City Johannesburg
Subjects Primary Mathematics
I have recently completed a course on bridging classes grade 7 to 8 and 3 to 4.
Contact (M.)  0834415428  (T.)   -    (E.) 


Name Siphelele Dlamini City Bloemfontein
Subjects C#, Java, Android
Contact (M.)  0717398826  (T.)  0717398826  (E.) 

Pretoria west tutor

Name Kgomotso City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Life Sciences, history or social Sciences and life orientation.
I completed my bachelor arts degree in Criminology and Psychology in 2018 in the university of Limpopo and I'm graduating this year 2019. I did well in the subjects life sciences, history and life orientation. I can tutor both primary and high school learners.
Contact (M.)  0652552410   (T.)  0652552410   (E.) 

Math tutor 80 rand/hour

Name mike City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects mathematics
I give good math tutorial service Solve Log (x+1) +log (x-1) = log 8 log (x+1)(x-1)=log 8 log (x^2-1)=log 8 x^2-1=8 X^2=9 x= 3 or x=-3
Contact (M.)  0728961721  (T.)  0728961721  (E.) 

Mathematical Literacy Tutor

Name Luyanda City Johannesburg
Subjects Grade 10 and 11 Mathematica Literacy
I am a young passionate young lady, holding a BSc IT degree willing to assist learners(grade 7-10) with mathematics as well as Mathematical literacy(grade 10 and 11).
Contact (M.)  0606875443  (T.)  0606875443  (E.) 

Excellent Maths Tutor

Name Mandy City Johannesburg
Subjects Grade 4-12 Maths, Grade 10-12 AP Maths, Statistics
My service is second to none. Guaranteed a pass. References available.
Contact (M.)  0813577263  (T.)  0813577263  (E.) 

Special Needs Tutor

Name Nomcebo Mgaga City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects English, IsiZulu, Mathematics, Geography, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences
I am a Wits postgraduate Engineering student with Special Needs 5 years Tutoring experience. I tutor kids in the above mentioned subjects and help with exam techniques, homeworks and confidence building. I specialize with kids who have learning disabilities but excludes no other kids who needs tutoring services. I tutor kids from grade 1 to grade 12 at R250 per hour traveling to your place.
Contact (M.)  0782528067  (T.)  0782538067  (E.) 

Maths and Physical science tutor

Name Niek van Harderwijk City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Maths and Physical science
I am an experienced tutor with experience in teaching (taught at Woodhill College) and publishing (managed publication of grade 10, 11 and 12maths and science). If you need help with rewrites or throughout the year, contact me!
Contact (M.)  0795908485  (T.)  0795908485  (E.) 

Maths and Science guru

Name James City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry
I am completing my Btech in chemical engineering and has got 5 years if experience as a private tutor
Contact (M.)  0623609693  (T.)  0623609693  (E.) 

Experienced tutor

Name Lindo Buthelezi City Johannesburg
Subjects Maths (grd10, 11, 12, 1st year), Physics (grd 10, 11,12), Stats, Actuarial Science (1st, 2nd year)
I am an Actuarial Science Honours degree from the university of the Witswatersrand. I have more than 6 years of private high school and university tutoring experience. My expertise in the subjects I tutor is amongst the best there is out there. I have distinctions for all the subjects I tutor. My ability is impart my knowledge has a proven track record.
Contact (M.)  0790389967  (T.)  0834458311  (E.) 

Tutor (Maths and University modules)

Name Melvin City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Maths (Grade 4-9) & Agricultural university modules
PhD in Water Resource Management. Offer private lessons in Grade 4 to 9 Maths, Agricultural Sciences (Grade 10 up to PhD level); supervision of university students- from topic development, proposal writing, data collection, data analysis, data presentation, thesis writing. I had published more than 20 manuscripts in international journals; therefore, I also assist students who need help in manuscript writing
Contact (M.)  0605250049  (T.)   -    (E.) 

High school and varsity tutor

Name Khethukuthula Mngomezulu City Johannesburg
Subjects Maths,physics, applied mechanics, calculas and structures
Im a 23 year old qualified civil engineer( BSC), degree obtained at uj. Tutoring is a gift or skill that i have, I like seeing people understand concepts that used to frustrate them. One session at the time you'll see the results!!!
Contact (M.)  0768782036  (T.)  0768782036  (E.) 

English and Afrikaans Tutor

Name Bianca Williams City Cape Town
Subjects English and Afrikaans and LO
I am a management graduate, however have always enjoyed tutoring and helping kids with homework and assignments. I am able to assist with English, Afrikaans and all LO all grades up to grade 12 and homework and assignments - southern suburbs flexi-hours mon-sun
Contact (M.)  0815079909  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Maths and English Tutor

Name Stephen Swella City Johannesburg
Subjects Maths and English
Hi, I offer tutoring services in Maths and English from Grade 3 to Grade 10. I live in Northriding, Johannesburg.
Contact (M.)  0789641455  (T.)  0789741455  (E.) 

Ingrid Breed

Name Ingrid Breed City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Economics, Business Studies, Accounting
Contact (M.)  0824044633  (T.)   -    (E.) 


Name Robin Lee City Johannesburg
Subjects english,tourism,life orientation,history,
i am more than happy to help students with the above subjects in the junior and senior phase of primary school
Contact (M.)  0712003427  (T.)  07125003427  (E.) 

Ecd Tutor from 4-5 years

Name Kami Ali City Johannesburg
Subjects Basic concepts pre-reading and prewriting skills etc
I am a qualified ECD teacher with sace registered certificate and 6 years experience teaching and training children from toddlers to grade R.
Contact (M.)  0617966426  (T.)  0617966426  (E.) 

Math, Science, Statistics

Name Moretlwa City Johannesburg
Subjects Mathematics, Statistics, Accounting, Economics, Computers
Passionate about education
Contact (M.)  0715843227  (T.)  0715843227  (E.) 


Name Saafia City Durban
Subjects maths/ english
Able to teach from grade 4-9
Contact (M.)  0731958072  (T.)   -    (E.) 

CAT Tutor (Grade 10 - 12)

Name Kiara City Durban
Subjects Computer Applications Technology
I'm an IT graduate with 2 years tutoring and home school teaching experience in Computer Applications Technology. I offer affordable rates and teaching is my passion
Contact (M.)  0735663760  (T.)  0735663760  (E.) 

Maths Tutor

Name Tafadzwa Mutemanyanza City Johannesburg
Subjects Mathematics/Mathematical Literacy
A practising female Educator with over 20 years teaching experience in Mathematics IEB, Cambridge and the National Syllabus
Contact (M.)  0604118364  (T.)  0814490854  (E.) 


Name Katli. City Johannesburg
Subjects All subjects.
Areas like Jo'burg and Soweto. I offer all subjects.
Contact (M.)  0847758058  (T.)  0847758058  (E.) 

Private Tutor

Name Blessings City Johannesburg
Subjects Accounting, Financial Management, Economics, Taxation
Contact (M.)  0727410880  (T.)  0110567902  (E.) 

Tutor for all Secondary School Subjects

Name Julian City Johannesburg
Subjects Maths and Science
Qualified and experience Maths and Science teacher and biochemist, tutor IEB and CAPS grade 8-12 Mon-Sun, all hours. SACE registered, BSC with honours graduate.
Contact (M.)  0737840841  (T.)  0737840841  (E.) 

high school and tertiary tutor

Name Madimetsa Setati City Midrand
Subjects accounting and economics
i am a good tutor with have a Bcom degree and tutoring experience.
Contact (M.)  0723229793  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Tutor for UNISA Modules

Name Tinashe Kamupira City Midrand
Subjects Financial Maths, Statistics and Financial accounting
I specialize in the following modules: FMA401V FAC1501 BNU1501 QMI1500
Contact (M.)  0786108622  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Tutor for All Primary Subjects

Name Kim City Johannesburg
Subjects All Primary School subjects
Experienced tutor available in northern suburbs of Johannesburg teach and help with homework, all primary school subjects. Mon-Sun,flexi-hours. Contact Kim
Contact (M.)  0785536196  (T.)  0785536196  (E.) 

tutor in economics&finance

Name lisanias mupambireyi City Johannesburg
Subjects finance,maths,statistics,economics and accounting
i need a tutoring job in the above subjects
Contact (M.)  0737666823  (T.)  0737666823  (E.) 


Name Ashleigh Naicker City Johannesburg
Subjects English. Mathematics. Accounting
I have experience in tutoring English, Mathematics and Accounting. I am Accounting Science Student at Wits. I am able to tutor any other subject, but I prefer to tutor this that I have mentioned
Contact (M.)  0718979365  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Mathematics and Physical Sciences Teacher

Name Sikhulile Ncube City Midrand
Subjects Mathematics and Physical Sciences
I am a High School Teacher in a reputable private school. IEB and NCS syllabus covered.
Contact (M.)  0835418342  (T.)  0733911495  (E.) 

Empathetic, results-driven

Name Lucia Poorter City Johannesburg
Subjects Afrikaans, Eng, Maths (& all other subjects for grades 4-8). Psychology & English at varsity level
My individually tailored tutoring style brings excellent results. Psychology cum laude. Creative writing (Unisa) cum laude.
Contact (M.)  0823371937  (T.)  0823371937  (E.) 

Mathematics Tutor

Name Mandlenkosi Matshazi City Midrand
Subjects Mathematics
An experienced Maths tutor for CAPS, IEB and Cambridge Mathematics. I cover all areas around Midrand.
Contact (M.)  0845421835  (T.)   -    (E.) 
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