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Physical Sciences Tutor

Name Kabelo City Pietermaritzburg
Subjects Physical Sciences, Life Sciences , Chemistry 1-3 for University
I love helping students with the subjects described above by doing some extra lessons. I am good in summarizing notes to be simple and understandable.
Contact (M.)  0794437898  (T.)  0824226832  (E.) 

Secondary Phase

Name Sphephelo City Johannesburg
Subjects Accounting, Economics and Business Studies
Best Tutor
Contact (M.)  0652260110  (T.)  0652260110  (E.) 

Maths and Physical Science Specialist

Name Niek van Harderwijk City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects IEB Maths and Chemistry
If you require some last minute tips and advice as well as tutoring, let me know. I have assisted over 250 students.
Contact (M.)  079 590 8485   (T.)  079 590 8485   (E.) 

Physical Science Tutor

Name Mari Kruger City Johannesburg
Subjects Physical Science
I am an experienced Physical Sciences teacher looking to offer extra lessons in the afternoons. I teach Grades 8-12.
Contact (M.)  +27823706442  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Grade 7-12, Matric & Matric Re-write

Name Emmanuel O City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects CATs, Maths, Maths Literacy, Physical Science, Life Science & English FAL.
The best tutor you can ever find who is passionate with mentoring capability. I have B.Eng (Honours) and M.Sc E.E. Don't pay if not satisfied.
Contact (M.)  +27817920486  (T.)  +27817920486  (E.) 

Prof. Nyamane

Name Nthato Moretlwa City Johannesburg
Subjects Math, Physics, Software and Hardware Technology
More than 8 years experience, a passion for revealing the inner genius in all learners through confidence-building, tutoring complex topics in a very unique style of delivery. I have multiple approaches depending on the learners personality and skills aptitude. Regular assesments and detailed reports for parents on a weekly/monthly basis.
Contact (M.)  0715843227  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Foundation Phase Tutor Weekends and Afternoon

Name Winnie Nkosi City Johannesburg
Subjects English, Math and isiZulu
Good day I am a Foundation Phase tutor. I prefer learners who are struggling and I do 1:1 sessions with them to help them with Reading, Writing and Math. Please contact me on 062 0674505 or Based in Johannesburg can travel to the North, South, West and East of Johannesburg. Thank you Winnie Nkosi
Contact (M.)  0620674505  (T.)  0766570349  (E.) 

Experienced Teacher

Name Solomon City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Physical Science, Mathematics, Mathematical Literacy and Natural Science
I am a highly skilled teacher in Physical Science, Mathematics, Natural Science and Mathematical Literacy with vast knowledge. I have taught the above listed subjects in goverment Secondary schools in Limpopo and KZN provinces. My track records speak for me. I am very passionate in what I do. My rate is very negotiable. Grade 8-12.
Contact (M.)  0670160165  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Best Tutor you've been Hunting

Name Maths! Anything with Numbers City Johannesburg
Subjects Calculus, Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Statistics.
I am Mathematics specialist and qualified Engineer with vast knowledge and application of Mathematics.I render my service through online live and in person sessions depending on your location. I am the best in what I do and I've tutored almost all types of students. I am a very passionate, patient individual with integrity. Grade 8-12, N1-N6,Varsity
Contact (M.)  0676119555  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Mathematics Tutor in the Northern Suburbs

Name Nathan City Cape Town
Subjects Mathematics
Contact (M.)  0844995408  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Maths and Science made Easy

Name Andries Maluleka City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Mathematics and Physical Sciences
I am very passionate about teaching Mathematics and Physical Sciences. I have experience of more than 5 years tutoring and I have learnt how to make the teaching and learning process fun. I am doing a Bachelor of Education and in my 3rd year now. I also did Chemical Engineering with the University of Pretoria but the love of teaching drew me to doing education.
Contact (M.)  0603278067  (T.)  0724615202whatsapp  (E.) 

Professional Homeschool Teacher and Tutor

Name Richard van der Merwe City Johannesburg
Subjects Maths (Gr 0-12), Science, Afrikaans and English
I am a passionate, friendly and highly skilled teacher. I have run a Maths center and tutored privately over the last 7 years. Currently I am a full-time Homeschool teacher in Sandton with a degree in Psychology and Honours in English Literature. Rates are negotiable.
Contact (M.)  071 208 6373  (T.)  071 208 6373  (E.) 

Private Tutor - Honours in Education

Name Jessica City Johannesburg
Subjects General Primary School subjects, English and Music
I am an Educational Psychology Honours student at the University of Pretoria. I completed my education degree in 2018 and have experience as both a teacher and a private tutor. I work well with learners of all ages and have experience working with learners with specific learning needs.
Contact (M.)   -    (T.)   -    (E.) 

Online and Contact Tutor

Name Gontse Mangena City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Mathematics and Physical Sciences
I have studied BSc Physical Sciences (only first year) and BEng Civil Engineering at the University of Pretoria. During that time I have developed a huge interest in Maths and Science, which I saw it was imperative that I share the knowledge I have acquired. I have tutored first years (Calculus and Physical Sciences) at the University of Pretoria and I have also been a mentor for first year students that were finding difficulty in understanding the above mentioned subjects. Grades 8-12.
Contact (M.)  0624159243  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Successful IEB and CAPS Tutor

Name Dave City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Mathematics,Physical Science and Engineering Mathematics
I am passionate about tutoring Mathematics, Physical Science and Engineering Mathematics.
Contact (M.)  0786690483  (T.)  0614265358  (E.) 

English and Math Tutor (Home Schooling)

Name Wallastencia Chigango City Cape Town
Subjects English and Maths
I am a Zimbabwean lady who can tutor written and spoken English as well as Math to Primary students at an affordable hourly rate.I'm flexible to go tutor at clients' homes. I give a bonus 15-30 minutes to coach your child on the value of self-education and mentoring your child to believe in themself and know that they are capable of doing "many things" when they grow up.
Contact (M.)  0620554587  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Experienced Maths Teacher

Name Madia E City Johannesburg
Subjects Mathematics
I have been teaching Mathematics for five years. I studied BSc Mathematical Sciences, then PGCE in Mathematical Education. I only specialized in tutoring maths. I will appreciate if you have safe parking.
Contact (M.)  0670920997  (T.)  0607698592  (E.) 

Affordable Tutor

Name Tshepo City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Maths, Accounting and Physics
When it comes to tutoring, I am one of the best. I have over 4 years of experience. I am currently enrolled at TUKS (BSc Actuarial and Financial Maths). I tutor all Grades from Grade 1-12. I do one on one and group tutoring.
Contact (M.)  0840457354  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Mathematics, Physics and Life Sciences

Name Phino Tau City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Mathematics, Physical Sciences and Life Sciences
I am a Final year Electrical Engineering student at the University of Pretoria. I am experienced and reliable, I got distinctions for all the subjects that I am tutoring. R130 per hour. I am patient and have utmost respect for my students and their parents, secure shaded parking available.
Contact (M.)  068 178 9980  (T.)   -    (E.) 

English Tutor and Editor

Name Kershnee City Johannesburg
Subjects English
I have a PhD in English and I can help your child achieve excellent marks in English. I also help with assignments. I am also an editor.
Contact (M.)  0783509409  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Social Sciences Teacher

Name Lucy Ivins City Durban
Subjects General Primary School subjects, Senior Social Sciences, Life Orientation and FET History
With my experience in the classroom and as a gap-year co-ordinator I have seen first hand the areas in which many students struggle in mainstream schools. Thus, I am particularly interested in using resources and learning approaches that allow for a more diversified and person-specific learning experience that establishes firm foundations for life after school. I am available for online teaching/tutoring.
Contact (M.)  0847268888  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Tutor with a Drive to Help You Excel Your Studies

Name Tafadzwa Mutyambizi City Johannesburg
Subjects Maths, Accounting and Economics
I am passionate about tutoring and helping students. I can tutor Maths, Economics, Accounting, Business Management and Project Management.
Contact (M.)  0784317870  (T.)  0815827033  (E.) 

English Tutor

Name Dalveen Davies City Johannesburg
Subjects English
I am an English tutor for Primary School learners.
Contact (M.)  0721769720  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Accounting and Mathematics Tutor

Name Mwaiti City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Accounting
I hold a Bachelor of Commerce Honours Degree in Accounting. Currently studying Masters in Professional Accounting and Corporate Governance. I travel to students home. I first try to understand the students weak areas and try to make them understand. Will do revisions on all the topics they have covered for examination revisions. I charge R250 per hour. High school students and University students most welcome.
Contact (M.)  0652859709  (T.)  0652859709  (E.) 

Maths, Science and Biology Tutor for All Grades

Name Elke City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Mathematics, Science, Biology and Language
I have been tutoring for 5 years. Graduated with BSc Human Physiology, Genetics and Psychology. I am currenty studying medicine.
Contact (M.)   -    (T.)   -    (E.) 

University of Johannesburg Student

Name Thabang Edgar Moreme City Johannesburg
Subjects Accounting
I am doing my 3rd year in BCom Accounting at UJ and I am looking forward to becoming a CA (SA). I offer Accounting sessions at R100 per session. Thanks for your consideration.
Contact (M.)  072 941 6222  (T.)  072 941 6222  (E.) 

Montessor Special Needs Tutor

Name Roxanne City Cape Town
Subjects All
Remedial, Special Needs and Psychological.
Contact (M.)  +27766138980  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Experienced Tutor

Name Amina City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Biology, Afrikaans, English and Social Science
Travel to students home. Tutored a few students who have excelled at Matric level, obtaining distinctions. I try and understand the students learning skills and their personality and then use a specific approach in teaching them. Tutoring costs are R350 per hour, which includes travel costs on my side as I am currently a student at the University of Pretoria, using my spare time to help younger students get to where I am.
Contact (M.)  0815027963  (T.)  +27815027963  (E.) 

Piano Lessons for Beginners and Mathematics Tutor

Name Mike City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Piano and Mathematics
I give good piano lessons. A blues scale consists of 6 different notes, namely the root, flat 3rd, 4th, flat 5th, 5th and flat 7th of the major scale: 1 – b3 – 4 – b5 – 5 – b7. I give good math tutorial service. Exercise: Consider f (x) =-2tan3/2 x Point A (t;2) lies on the graph. Determine the general solution of t 2=-2tan3/2 x tan (3t/2) =-1 3t/2 =-45'+k.180' t=-30'+k.120'. R70/hour.
Contact (M.)  0728961721  (T.)  0728961721  (E.) 

Math, Physics, and Technolgy Professor

Name Prof Mo City Johannesburg
Subjects Math, Physics, Technology and Software Coding
I have a unique approach to getting the best marks out of my learners. I unlock their potential in a simple and easy to follow method or way of thinking or approaching problems. My sense of humour also means learning takes place as my learners are more at ease and information can stick. I have been tutoring with UNISA since 2011.
Contact (M.)  078 003 6888  (T.)  078 003 6888  (E.) 

Online Tutor for Mathematics

Name Johanna Mokwatlo City Bloemfontein
Subjects Mathematics Grade 8-12, Life Sciences Grade 12 and Chemistry Grade 12
Contact (M.)  0810746332  (T.)  0608574495  (E.) 

Public Health Tutor

Name Mercy Sepadi City Johannesburg
Subjects Public Health
I am an Environmental Health Practitioner by profession.
Contact (M.)  +27714474715   (T.)   -    (E.) 

Core Mathematics Lessons

Name Eddie City Johannesburg
Subjects Core Mathematics
Good day Grade 12 students. Exams are ready for you. I can assist you to revise for exams for one on one session at a reasonable price. Grade 9 to Grade 11 are also welcome. Lets start with Maths paper 1..Call Eddie on 061 0474 689
Contact (M.)  0610474689  (T.)  0610474689  (E.) 

Mathematics Tutor

Name Ofentse City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Mathematics
A graduate in Bsc Actuarial and Financial Mathematics offering tutorial lessons from Grade 4 to 12 and Tertiary Mathematics (Calculus, Statistics, Differential, Linear Algebra etc.). Only R150 for School and R200 for Tertiary. Call or WhatsApp me now. Packages are at a discount.
Contact (M.)  0767258255  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Tutor for Mathematics and Physical Science

Name Tshivhilinge Phindulo City Johannesburg
Subjects Physical Science and Mathematics
Contact (M.)  0790814564  (T.)  0790814564  (E.) 

Grade 8 to Grade 12 Mathematics

Name Lubabalo Maketa City Johannesburg
Subjects Mathematics
I'm assisting students from Grade 8 to Grade 12 with Mathematics since 2016 I stay in Elandsfontein.
Contact (M.)  0728515551  (T.)  0655475559  (E.) 

Maths and Physics Tutor

Name Dumisane City Johannesburg
Subjects Maths and Physical Sciences
I have been a Maths and Physical Science tutor for the past 5 years. Completed my Matric with 100% and 98% in Maths and Physics respectively. I enjoy tutoring as I like to impart my knowledge to someone else. I have helped a lot of students pass their Matric and also I tutor 1st and 2nd year Engineering Maths at WITS University. Let me help you understand Maths and Physics better. After all there is an element of beauty in Mathematics.
Contact (M.)  0822200647  (T.)  0812545459  (E.) 


Name Azwinndini City Johannesburg
Subjects Mathematics, Natural Science and Physical Science
Contact (M.)  0733032162  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Final Exam Preps Mathematics

Name Nkululeko Sadike City Johannesburg
Subjects Mathematics
I have been tutoring for the past 5 years and I have had distinctions in both High School and Varsity level. References are available on request. I tutor from Grades 8-12 and 1st year.
Contact (M.)  0813840974  (T.)  0677072385  (E.) 

School Software Project Assistant

Name Clyde City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects C# Programming, SQL Server Database Development, Web Development, HTML, CSS, JQuery and C++
Contact (M.)  0671669235  (T.)   -    (E.) 


Name David Botti City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Mathematics
Currently at the University of Pretoria, would like to offer my tutoring services for High School Mathematics.
Contact (M.)  0799833238  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Sociology, Geography for Cambridge 'O' and 'A' Levels

Name Tinashe City Johannesburg
Subjects Sociology, Geograghy and Divinity
A well rounded tutor for Cambridge Sociology, Geography and Divinity subjects. I will lead you to score straight A's for your 'O' or 'A' Level exams.
Contact (M.)  0653519738  (T.)  0653519738  (E.) 

Weekend Tutor

Name Marcelino City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects English Reading and Maths
I am a Zimbabwean trained and qualified teacher who can assist your child with Reading and Maths at an affordable hourly rate. Contact me on 062 7674 961
Contact (M.)  0627674961  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Remedial Educator

Name Tutor Harry City Johannesburg
Subjects Maths, Physics and Chemistry
Tutor for IEB, CAPS, Cambridge and Impak and Remedial Education specialist. All grades from Grade 7.
Contact (M.)  0820574527  (T.)  0820574527  (E.) 

Professional Tutor

Name Sorelle City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Chemistry, French and Business Studies (All Grades)
I am a well experienced tutor (>8 years of experience) with a passion for boosting a pupil's confidence and teaching complex subjects in a way that one would understand. Every pupil is different, and so my approach on how to tutor each pupil varies depending on the pupil's personality. I offer tests bi-weekly to ensure that the concepts I am teaching does indeed make sense to the pupil. Contact me for rates, references and further details.
Contact (M.)  0760306642  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Mathematics Tutor

Name Sandile City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Mathematics
Mechanical Engineering Finalist and Computer Science first year student at the University of Pretoria. I mastered the art of tutoring Mathematics and I find pleasure in tutoring students.
Contact (M.)  0815939685  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Geography Tutor

Name Musa City Johannesburg
Subjects Geography
Tutor available for Grade 10 - 12 learners.
Contact (M.)   -    (T.)  0723583912  (E.) 

Maths, Science and Geography Tutor

Name Lutendo City Johannesburg
Subjects Maths, Science and Geography
Best tutor
Contact (M.)  0720657875  (T.)  0720657875  (E.) 

Private Accounting Tutor

Name Mirenda Ngwenya City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Accounting
I conduct my tutoring in one on one sessions to suit the student's aptitude needs. I mostly focus on what the student is struggling with to help them improve.
Contact (M.)  0845413193  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Great Maths and Science Tutor and Mentor

Name Tlou Mathobela City Johannesburg
Subjects Mathematics, Physical Sciences and Accounting
I am a good Tutor and Mentor.
Contact (M.)  0727768543  (T.)  0727768543  (E.) 


Name Samendran Naidoo City Pietermaritzburg
Subjects English and Psychology
I am interested in helping you or your child understand the subjects beyond the prescribed sections to ensure that learning takes place for life.
Contact (M.)  081 365 3053  (T.)   -    (E.) 


Name Bronwyn Jaftha City Cape Town
Subjects English, Afrikaans, History, Geography and Life Orientation
I would love to give children the tools required to enhance their studies and reach their full potential.
Contact (M.)  0784223563  (T.)  0214248261  (E.) 


Name Katleho City Johannesburg
Subjects Tutor All Grades
Tutor all subjects, around Soweto.
Contact (M.)  0671506000  (T.)  0671506000  (E.) 

Maths Tutor

Name Langavi Marhule City Johannesburg
Subjects Mathematics (All Grades)
I am a third year Mechanical Engineering student at Wits University. I offer private and group tutoring in Mathematics (all grades).
Contact (M.)  0784960616  (T.)  0784960616  (E.) 

Dental Student tutoring various subjects.

Name Alicia Meyer City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Afrikaans, English, Mathematics, Physical Science, Life Science and Accounting.
I am a friendly and passionate 20 year old. I love to share my knowledge and believe that teaching study methods and self confidence is just as important as contextual work.
Contact (M.)  0837073280  (T.)  0837073280  (E.) 

Accounting, Auditing, Finance and Tax Tutor

Name Tinashe City Johannesburg
Subjects Accounting,Tax Auditing and Finance
I am a CTA (Hons in Accounting) graduate. I am available on weekends for tutoring lessons and revision classes from first year to third year. I also provide guidance with assignments and research papers.
Contact (M.)  0625937906  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Maths and Science Tutor

Name Sammy City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Maths, Science and Geography
If you are looking into improving your marks , look no further. Studied BSc and BSc Honours at the University of Pretoria.
Contact (M.)  0844210772  (T.)  0844210772  (E.) 
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