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View tutors in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban and more. Select the tutor(s) you are interested in and then contact them directly.

Primary School Tutor

Name Junika City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Maths, English, Life Skills, Natural Science and Technology, Social Sciences and Life Orientation
Mobile tutor for students Grade 1 to 7 using the syllabi of your choice. For homeschooling, afterschool, weekend and holiday tutorials.
Contact (M.)  0683073085  (T.)  0618270643  (E.) 

Primary School Tutor in Johannesburg

Name Winnie Nkosi City Johannesburg
Subjects All Primary School Subjects
Primary School Tutor available in Johannesburg. Contact Details: Phonecalls- 068 432 6734 WhatsApp- 084 356 1520 Email- Thank you
Contact (M.)  0766570349  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Maths and Science Private Tutor

Name Dumisani City Johannesburg
Subjects Pure Maths and Physical Sciences
I am a Chemical Engineering Graduate from Wits with experience from a manufacturing environment. I travel and can also give tutoring at my place. I teach Pure Maths and Physical Science. In matric I scored 96% and 84% for Science and Maths respectively. I would like to show others how they can also achieve the same. I am currently based in Heidelberg, Ratanda.However I can travel around Gauteng and near by places you can call or text me on the WhatsApp or the email below.
Contact (M.)  0725504561  (T.)  0747353832  (E.) 

One-on-One and Online English Tutor

Name City Cape Town
Subjects English, Maths and Business Studies
I'm a professional, female tutor for English and Maths for Primary School. I'm patient with kids and also assist kids to develop confidence and self esteem in themselves. I'm also passionate about assisting kids in career guidance. Call or WhatsApp 0626045698.
Contact (M.)  0626045698  (T.)  0626045698  (E.) 

Grade 11-12 Pure and Additional Maths Tutor

Name Mbongeni City Midrand
Subjects Mathematics
Contact (M.)  0613723782  (T.)  0613723782  (E.) 

Mathematics Literacy Lessons

Name Lesedi City Johannesburg
Subjects Mathematics Literacy
Lesedi has experience in teaching Mathematics literacy one on one session.If you need help call her on 0638963783. Grades 7-12.
Contact (M.)  0638963783  (T.)  0622971135  (E.) 

Accounting and Mathematics

Name Mmeli City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Accounting and Mathematics
I offer lessons in Accounting and Mathematics. I have 1 year in tutoring learners from Grade 11 and 12 in Mathematics and also from Level 2 to 4.
Contact (M.)  0670517646  (T.)  0670517646  (E.) 

Grade 1 to Grade 5 Tutor

Name Brenda City Midrand
Subjects Maths and Business Studies
I'm a well organised tutor who is result oriented.
Contact (M.)  0671017898  (T.)  0671017898  (E.) 

Your Maths and Science Tutor

Name Samkelo Xulu City Durban
Subjects Mathematics and Physical Science
If you want higher grades for your child or yourself in Physics, Mathematics and entry Chemical Engineering module. I am your Go-To-Guy!
Contact (M.)  0766400807  (T.)  0837276047  (E.) 

Experienced Tutor

Name Nomcebo Mgaga City Johannesburg
Subjects Maths, Physical Science, English, IsiZulu, Geography and Life Sciences
I am a Wits Engineering graduate who started tutoring in 2013, my experience has afforded me an opportunity to work with kids from different learning institutions producing group quality results especially for Maths and Science subjects. I am an expert in Special Needs education and provide learners with the life time learning skills. I charge R350 per hour and I’m available both in person and online for both Primary and Secondary School kids.
Contact (M.)  0815589784  (T.)   -    (E.) 


Name Michele Natacha Ela City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Mathematics, Statistics and Biometry
Studying an MSc in Data Analysis, I can provide services in Mathematics up to 2nd year level. Statistics and Biometry up to 3rd year level.
Contact (M.)  0765178804  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Maths and Science Tutor

Name Patrick City Johannesburg
Subjects Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Life Science
Are Maths and Science kicking your butt, are you waiting for school resumption, why dont you use this time and stay ahead of school syllabus and be an 'A' learner. I offer: Online tutoring, Homeschooling, Project development and research. Call or WhatsApp me for further enquiries on 0812463839 or 0749613419 Subjects includes: Mathematics Physical sciences Life science Economics Learning today, leaders tomorrow.
Contact (M.)  0812463839  (T.)  0749613419  (E.) 

Grade 11 and Grade 12 Math Tutor

Name Kevin City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Mathematics and Physical Sciences
Is your child struggling keeping-up with school? Is the school environment not appropriate for an easy learning? Do you just want to improve your Matric results? Look no further and just give the call... Grades 10,11 and 12.
Contact (M.)  0796891815  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Mathematics and Physical Sciences Tutor

Name Nkosinathi City Pietermaritzburg
Subjects Mathematics and Physical Sciences
I am an experienced Mathematics and Physical Sciences tutor willing to make a difference by providing private sessions to individuals. I charge R130 per hour. Please contact me should you wish to improve your Mathematics and Physical Sciences marks. I've been tutoring for about about 4 years and produced good results.
Contact (M.)  0682008551  (T.)  0682008551  (E.) 

Maths and Sciences

Name Tshegofatso City Johannesburg
Subjects Maths and Sciences
Greetings, I am available for All Grades Friday (17:00-19:00) and Saturday (14:00-16:00). I can travel to your place and also do online sessions. Please do feel free to contact me for further arrangements.
Contact (M.)  0764586161  (T.)  0764586161  (E.) 

Maths and Physical Science Tutor

Name Ayo City Johannesburg
Subjects Maths, Physics and Chemistry
I provide extra lessons in Maths, Physics and Chemistry. Grade 10 to 12 at affordable rates, I have my matric result with 5 distinctions and I currently hold an honours degree in Engineering, I have about 5 years of teaching experience with lots of students who made excellent grades. Call or WhatsApp 0781060410.
Contact (M.)  0781060410  (T.)  0781060410  (E.) 

Home Schooling Tutor

Name Delight City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Maths, English, Life Skills, Natural Science, Life Orientation and Social Science
I provide one on one tutorial and Home Schooling services Grade R to Grade 7. l have a diploma in Education and 8 years teaching experience.
Contact (M.)  0621863746  (T.)  0829740777  (E.) 

Maths, Physics and Technology Professor

Name Prof Mo City Midrand
Subjects Maths ,Physics, Technology, Software Coding and Business Studies
I have a unique approach to getting the best marks out of my learners. I unlock their potential in a simple and easy to follow method or way of thinking or approaching problems. My sense of humour also means learning takes place as my learners are more at ease and information can be retained.
Contact (M.)  0780036888  (T.)  0780036888  (E.) 

Mathematics and Accounting

Name Tshepiso City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Maths and Accounting
BSc Actuarial and Financial Mathematics (Tuks), I offer lessons in Accounting, Mathematics and other related subjects at affordable rates as your success or child’s success is my main priority. My style of teaching comprises of breaking down hard concepts into easy to grasp chunks in order to enable my students to be able to tackle whichever academic problems they may encounter. references and/or happy students available upon request.
Contact (M.)  0682834554  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Experienced High School Tutor

Name Dithaba Tau City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Mathematics, Physical Sciences and Life Science
I am a reliable passionate tutor who takes the success of his students to heart,I enjoy helping my students and seeing them excel.I offer assignments at the end of every session.I am a student with Matric distinctions on the subjects that I tutor.Grades 9-12. R130/h R250-2hours and R330- 3hours.
Contact (M.)  0665029315  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Mathematics and Physical Science

Name Sandile Mahlangu City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Mathematics and Physical Science
I'm a final year student at the University of Pretoria doing Engineering. I've been tutoring for 3 years and enjoy every second of doing it. I teach all concepts with good explanation.
Contact (M.)  0815939685  (T.)  0815939685  (E.) 

English Tutor

Name Mbali Modibedi City Johannesburg
Subjects English
I tutor Primary school learners and High school learners. I have enrolled in a Teaching English as a Foreign/Second Language to enhance my skills. I work online, however, negotiations on in-person lessons are open.
Contact (M.)  +27625764102  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Mathematics Tutor Aimed at Improving Your Results

Name Chuene City Midrand
Subjects Mathematics
I am an experienced tutor with over 5 years tutoring Maths for Grade 10 to 12 learners. I conduct my sessions online using whiteboard and also record them for later. If you would like to improve your Maths marks, get in touch with me.
Contact (M.)  +27 71 915 1652  (T.)  +27 71 915 1652  (E.) 

Quality and Affordable Tuition

Name Naailah City Johannesburg
Subjects Various
•Primary and High School •Various Subjects √ Completed international accredited tutor training √ Years of experience √ Excellent with kids!!!
Contact (M.)  0812774058  (T.)   -    (E.) 

All Math Tuition

Name Sfiso City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects All Math subjects from Grade 10 to 3rd Year University
I'm a BSc Mathematics graduate from the University of Pretoria. I offer online Math lessons, I have various packages tailored to suit your needs.
Contact (M.)  0723963860  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Pure Mathematics Lessons

Name Eddie City Johannesburg
Subjects Pure Mathematics and Accounting
Hello Students..I have lots of experience in providing extra lessons in Maths and Accounting. If you need help call Eddie on 0610474689. Grades 8-12.
Contact (M.)  0610474689  (T.)  0610474689  (E.) 

Business Subjects

Name Tafadzwa City Johannesburg
Subjects Maths Lit, Accounting, Business and Finance
I have extensive experience in tutoring Business related subjects. I tutor the above subjects 10-12 Online and also onsite. I also tutor University students. Very patient and will breakdown the concepts.
Contact (M.)  0784317870  (T.)  0784317870  (E.) 

Maths and Science

Name Nosiphiwo City Johannesburg
Subjects Maths, Biology, Physical Science and isiXhosa
I am PhD student in Biology at University of Pretoria. I tutor the above subjects Grade 10-12 Online and also onsite. Very patient and will breakdown the concepts.
Contact (M.)  +27 73 715 6896  (T.)  +27 73 715 6896  (E.) 

Special Needs Tutor

Name Tutor Harry City Johannesburg
Subjects Maths, Physics and Chemistry
Private face to face tutoring in IEB, Cambridge, CAPS and IMPAK for all Special Needs students in Maths, Physics and Chemistry. All Grades.
Contact (M.)  0820574527  (T.)  0820574527  (E.) 

Private Tutor

Name Trevor City Midrand
Subjects Maths, Physics and Accounting
I am an available tutor with traceable refs.Focus is on One on One sessions going through sections to be improved.
Contact (M.)  0767808893  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Maths and Physical Science

Name Simon City Cape Town
Subjects Grade 10-12, and 1st and 2nd Year - all Mathemaics and Sciences
Get expert help to boosting your marks by learning shortcuts and secrets not found in the classroom.
Contact (M.)  0781318375  (T.)  0781318375  (E.) 

Mathematics Tutor

Name Nkululeko Sadike City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Mathematics
I am a well experienced tutor, I have been tutoring for the past 7 years and achieve only the best results. My rates are FREE, I do not charge anything but just following what I am passionate about.
Contact (M.)   -    (T.)   -    (E.) 

Java Programming Help,French, Piano and Physics Tutor R50/Hour and C++ Programming

Name Mike City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Java, French, Piano, Physics and C++
I give good C++ tutorial service and help. I give good Physics tutorial at only R50 per hour. I give good Piano lessons for beginners. I give good French lessons in person or via WhatsApp. I help with java programming IN JAVA, WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE KEYWORD "new" ? The Java "new" keyword is used to create an instance of the class. In other words, it instantiates a class by allocating memory for a new object and returning a reference to that memory.
Contact (M.)  0728961721  (T.)  0728961721  (E.) 

Tutor - Grades 6 to 12

Name Poornima Ganesh City Johannesburg
Subjects Maths and Science
I have much teaching experience in CAPS, IEB and Cambridge curriculum. Please contact if you require tutoring assistance.
Contact (M.)  0798786326  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Medical Student Tutoring Many Subjects

Name Sonez City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Maths, Natural Sciences, Science, Languages, Life Sciences, etc.
As a Medical student at the University of Pretoria, I am able to teach many different subjects. My teaching style comprises of breaking concepts down into easy-to-understand chunks, then to teach the basic approach to all problems of it's nature. I teach students to understand topics in a way that will help them solve most problems and feel confident on test day.
Contact (M.)  +27662380861  (T.)  0662380861  (E.) 

Well Experienced Tutor

Name Keitumetse City Johannesburg
Subjects Mathematics, Physics and Technical Drawing
I am a lecturer by profession. I tutor the above mentioned subjects. I also travel to Vaal if you need my service. All my learners get high grades in the subjects I tutor them.
Contact (M.)  0781456194 Call  (T.)  0737271601 WhatsApp  (E.) 

Mathematics Teacher

Name Marcelino City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Mathematics
l am a Zimbabwean trained and Qualified Teacher. l can assist your child to achieve desirable grades, l have traceable references and 99% pass rate.
Contact (M.)  0627674961  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Private Tutor

Name Sorelle City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, IT, Business Studies, French and English -All Grades
I am a well experienced tutor with a passion for educating the youth. I strive at improving each learner's weaknesses by thoroughly explaining topics and testing them weekly to ensure that each topic has been fully grasped. I do not believe in stupidity, we all just have different ways of learning and once your child's way of learning has been unlocked, the sky is the limit. Contact me today for references, rates, as well as my availability.
Contact (M.)  0766335378  (T.)   -    (E.) 

All Grades, N2-N6 ,University

Name Tevin City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Mathematics, Physics, Geography, Life Science, Engineering Science
I am a qualified professional, I like imparting my extensive knowledge in different areas to students who really need help. I apply special teaching strategies to students depending on their challenges.
Contact (M.)  0614397189  (T.)  0614397189  (E.) 

Grade 4-12, N2-N6, University

Name Nkhenso City Johannesburg
Subjects Mathematics, Linear Algebra and Physics
I am a young professional,vibrant,dynamic,dedicated ,competent , and reliable tutor with extensive experience in tutoring Foundation phase, Intermediate phase and College level students. I am passionate about improving the performance of students.
Contact (M.)  0734240498  (T.)  0734240498  (E.) 

Need A Tutor

Name Candice Abrahams City Cape Town
Subjects All subjects
Grades: R - 7 R70 per hour Contactable references WhatsApp 0781206018 or call 0723791017
Contact (M.)  0781206018  (T.)  0781206018  (E.) 

Physical and Natural Sciences Tutor

Name KJ (Kgoboki/James) City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Physical Sciences, Natural Sciences and Tertiary modules in Science Education
I have Masters in Science education. For Physical Science/Natural Science, I charge R350 per 1 hour if I come to your home (R300 if I do not come to your home). For tertiary modules, it depends on the type of task (assignment/research project). I believe in quality performance.
Contact (M.)  0843612230  (T.)  0843612230  (E.) 

Mr Sithole

Name Samukelo City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Accounting, Mathematics and Physical Sciences
I am a final year student at the University of Pretoria majoring in Economics and Statistics.I have a passion with working with learners and I’m quite capable of turning the so called ‘average’ to best performing.I have 6 years experience that I’ve acquired from High School till present.I matriculated with 6 distinctions. Grades 7-12.
Contact (M.)  0728334565  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Mathematics and Stats Tutor, Online and Live

Name Michael City Johannesburg
Subjects Basic Mathematics, Statistics, Calculus, Linear Algebra and Applied Maths
I am a final year University of Johannesburg Student doing BSc MathScience Applied Mathematics and Statistics with Data Science and Cyber Security training from Microsoft SA. I can help you excel in these types of Mathematics,for High school and First Year University students,at a Reasonable price😊
Contact (M.)  0715952134  (T.)  0715952134  (E.) 

Online and Affordable Tutor

Name Bhavaniya Moodliar City Johannesburg
Subjects Accounting, Maths, English, Afrikaans and Business Studies
2nd year Acturial Science student at UCT who can help assist your child with improving his/her marks and overall attitude towards the subject.
Contact (M.)  0726360785  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Accounting, Costing and Economics Tutor

Name Welcome City Johannesburg
Subjects Accounting, Cost and Management Accounting and Economics
I am a qualified professional Accountant. All Grades.
Contact (M.)  0722336428  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Independent Educational Consultant

Name Niek van Harderwijk City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Maths and Physical Science
Masters graduate specialising as an Independent Educational Consultant. I am able to conduct group and individual sessions for students in any grade in the following curricula IEB, CAPS and Cambridge.
Contact (M.)  0795908485  (T.)   -    (E.) 
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