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Mathematics Tutor

Name Ofentse City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Mathematics
A graduate in Bsc Actuarial and Financial Mathematics offering tutorial lessons from Grade 4 to 12 and Tertiary Mathematics (Calculus, Statistics, Differential, Linear Algebra etc.). Only R150 for School and R200 for Tertiary. Call or WhatsApp me now. Packages are at a discount.
Contact (M.)  0767258255  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Tutor for Mathematics and Physical Science

Name Tshivhilinge Phindulo City Johannesburg
Subjects Physical Science and Mathematics
Contact (M.)  0790814564  (T.)  0790814564  (E.) 

Grade 8 to Grade 12 Mathematics

Name Lubabalo Maketa City Johannesburg
Subjects Mathematics
I'm assisting students from Grade 8 to Grade 12 with Mathematics since 2016 I stay in Elandsfontein.
Contact (M.)  0728515551  (T.)  0655475559  (E.) 

Maths and Physics Tutor

Name Dumisane City Johannesburg
Subjects Maths and Physical Sciences
I have been a Maths and Physical Science tutor for the past 5 years. Completed my Matric with 100% and 98% in Maths and Physics respectively. I enjoy tutoring as I like to impart my knowledge to someone else. I have helped a lot of students pass their Matric and also I tutor 1st and 2nd year Engineering Maths at WITS University. Let me help you understand Maths and Physics better. After all there is an element of beauty in Mathematics.
Contact (M.)  0822200647  (T.)  0812545459  (E.) 


Name Azwinndini City Johannesburg
Subjects Mathematics, Natural Science and Physical Science
Contact (M.)  0733032162  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Mathematics Tutor

Name Nkululeko Sadike City Johannesburg
Subjects Mathematics
I have been tutoring for the past 5 years and I have had distinctions in both High School and Varsity level. References are available on request. I tutor from Grades 8-12 and 1st year.
Contact (M.)  0813840974  (T.)  0677072385  (E.) 

School Software Project Assistant

Name Clyde City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects C# Programming, SQL Server Database Development, Web Development, HTML, CSS, JQuery and C++
Contact (M.)  0671669235  (T.)   -    (E.) 


Name David Botti City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Mathematics
Currently at the University of Pretoria, would like to offer my tutoring services for High School Mathematics.
Contact (M.)  0799833238  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Sociology, Geography for Cambridge 'O' and 'A' Levels

Name Tinashe City Johannesburg
Subjects Sociology, Geograghy and Divinity
A well rounded tutor for Cambridge Sociology, Geography and Divinity subjects. I will lead you to score straight A's for your 'O' or 'A' Level exams.
Contact (M.)  0653519738  (T.)  0653519738  (E.) 

Weekend Tutor

Name Marcelino City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects English Reading and Maths
I am a Zimbabwean trained and qualified teacher who can assist your child with Reading and Maths at an affordable hourly rate. Contact me on 062 7674 961
Contact (M.)  0627674961  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Remedial Educator

Name Tutor Harry City Johannesburg
Subjects Maths, Physics and Chemistry
Tutor for IEB, CAPS, Cambridge and Impak and Remedial Education specialist. All grades from Grade 7.
Contact (M.)  0820574527  (T.)  0820574527  (E.) 

Professional Tutor

Name Sorelle City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Chemistry, French and Business Studies (All Grades)
I am a well experienced tutor (>8 years of experience) with a passion for boosting a pupil's confidence and teaching complex subjects in a way that one would understand. Every pupil is different, and so my approach on how to tutor each pupil varies depending on the pupil's personality. I offer tests bi-weekly to ensure that the concepts I am teaching does indeed make sense to the pupil. Contact me for rates, references and further details.
Contact (M.)  0760306642  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Mathematics Tutor

Name Sandile City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Mathematics
Mechanical Engineering Finalist and Computer Science first year student at the University of Pretoria. I mastered the art of tutoring Mathematics and I find pleasure in tutoring students.
Contact (M.)  0815939685  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Geography Tutor

Name Musa City Johannesburg
Subjects Geography
Tutor available for Grade 10 - 12 learners.
Contact (M.)   -    (T.)  0723583912  (E.) 

Maths, Science and Geography Tutor

Name Lutendo City Johannesburg
Subjects Maths, Science and Geography
Best tutor
Contact (M.)  0720657875  (T.)  0720657875  (E.) 

Private Accounting Tutor

Name Mirenda Ngwenya City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Accounting
I conduct my tutoring in one on one sessions to suit the student's aptitude needs. I mostly focus on what the student is struggling with to help them improve.
Contact (M.)  0845413193  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Great Maths and Science Tutor and Mentor

Name Tlou Mathobela City Johannesburg
Subjects Mathematics, Physical Sciences and Accounting
I am a good Tutor and Mentor.
Contact (M.)  0727768543  (T.)  0727768543  (E.) 


Name Samendran Naidoo City Pietermaritzburg
Subjects English and Psychology
I am interested in helping you or your child understand the subjects beyond the prescribed sections to ensure that learning takes place for life.
Contact (M.)  081 365 3053  (T.)   -    (E.) 


Name Bronwyn Jaftha City Cape Town
Subjects English, Afrikaans, History, Geography and Life Orientation
I would love to give children the tools required to enhance their studies and reach their full potential.
Contact (M.)  0784223563  (T.)  0214248261  (E.) 


Name Katleho City Johannesburg
Subjects Tutor All Grades
Tutor all subjects, around Soweto.
Contact (M.)  0671506000  (T.)  0671506000  (E.) 

Maths Tutor

Name Langavi Marhule City Johannesburg
Subjects Mathematics (All Grades)
I am a third year Mechanical Engineering student at Wits University. I offer private and group tutoring in Mathematics (all grades).
Contact (M.)  0784960616  (T.)  0784960616  (E.) 

Dental Student tutoring various subjects.

Name Alicia Meyer City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Afrikaans, English, Mathematics, Physical Science, Life Science and Accounting.
I am a friendly and passionate 20 year old. I love to share my knowledge and believe that teaching study methods and self confidence is just as important as contextual work.
Contact (M.)  0837073280  (T.)  0837073280  (E.) 

Accounting, Auditing, Finance and Tax Tutor

Name Tinashe City Johannesburg
Subjects Accounting,Tax Auditing and Finance
I am a CTA (Hons in Accounting) graduate. I am available on weekends for tutoring lessons and revision classes from first year to third year. I also provide guidance with assignments and research papers.
Contact (M.)  0625937906  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Maths and Science Tutor

Name Sammy City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Maths, Science and Geography
If you are looking into improving your marks , look no further. Studied BSc and BSc Honours at the University of Pretoria.
Contact (M.)  0844210772  (T.)  0844210772  (E.) 

Accounting from Grade 10 to College Accounting

Name Phiĺlemon City Johannesburg
Subjects Accounting, Cost and Management Accounting
I am Phillemon I would like to tutor Accounting from High school to College.
Contact (M.)  0620805505  (T.)  0620805505  (E.) 

Mathematics (Calculus, Algebra Tutor)

Name Billy City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Mathematics (all levels) and Physical Science (Grade 12 only).
I am a Tuks student, currently doing Honours. I have a deep understanding of the concepts. I charge 120/h and 80/h for 2 or more students attending at once.
Contact (M.)  0834367472  (T.)  0834367472  (E.) 

Data Scientist offering Mathematics Tuition

Name Mulanga City Johannesburg
Subjects Mathematics
I am a Data Scientist by profession and am passionate about Mathematics and get to use mathematics and see its' power on a daily basis. I would like to help Grade 8 - 12 learners with this wonderful subject to gear them up to work in the future.
Contact (M.)  0792407622  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Tutor: Physics and Mathematics

Name Batsirai Jani City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Physics and Mathematics Grade 12
I can assist learners pass their exams through excellent exam coaching.
Contact (M.)   -    (T.)   -    (E.) 

Grade 10-12, Matric & Matric Re-write

Name Mr. Emmanuel City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects CATs, Maths, Maths Literacy, Physical Science & English FAL.
My approach is consultative and engaging with high memory motivation. I believe learning should be fun and am passionate about my learner's success.
Contact (M.)  081 422 4772  (T.)  081 792 0486  (E.) 

Tutor: Mathematics and Mathematics Literacy

Name Charles Zirebwa City Johannesburg
Subjects Mathematics and Mathematics Literacy
Get assistance from the experienced and professional Mathematics educator. Kensington area, Bedfordview and surrounding areas at an affordable price.
Contact (M.)  0839674754  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Private Tutor

Name Trevor City Midrand
Subjects Maths, Accounting and Physics
Maths, Accounting and Physics. CSSA, FAC Modules, Varsity introduction to Accounting. Traceable refs available on request.
Contact (M.)  0785180234  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Math, Physics, and Technolgy Professor

Name Prof Moretlwa Nyamane City Johannesburg
Subjects Math, Physics, Technology and Software Coding
I have a unique approach to getting the best marks out of my learners. I unlock their potential in a simple and easy to follow method or way of thinking or approaching problems. My sense of humour also means learning takes pleace as my learners are more at ease and information can stick. I have been tutoring with UNISA since 2011.
Contact (M.)  0715843227  (T.)  0715843227  (E.) 

Grade 4-12,College N2-N6 and University Tutor

Name Tevin City Johannesburg
Subjects Maths, Calculus 1, Statistics, Linear Algebra, Engineering Sci, Physics,
Get assistance from the experienced, Competent, Technical, Professional, Reliable tutor, Graduate Engineer Tevin at affordable rates. I offer exam preparation, homework and assignment assistance, online lessons, one on one sessions and group sessions.I am passionate about improving your level of performance, boost your confidence and helping you to be very analytical. Success is guaranteed.Drop me a whatsapp text/sms/email. Your decision determine ur destiny!!!
Contact (M.)  0734240498  (T.)  0608991008   (E.) 

Tutoring Services per hour R150

Name Amilca Phatlane City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Geography, Life Sciences and Business Management
I am doing a Masters degree at Unisa. I have a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Sociology from the University of Pretoria. I completed my Matric with higher marks.
Contact (M.)  0783028014  (T.)   -    (E.) 


Name Sindiso Ncube City Johannesburg
Subjects Maths, Social Science and English
I am a Graduate in Development Studies with experience in teaching at Primary and High School level. I am available anytime before 6pm except on Sundays.
Contact (M.)  0651399304  (T.)  0651399304  (E.) 

Accounting Tutor

Name Vusumuzi Magigwane City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Accounting and Mathematics
I have experience in tutoring Accounting, Managerial Accounting, and Mathematics both at High School and University level.
Contact (M.)  +27630394957  (T.)   -    (E.) 

School Tutor

Name Mr Motimele Rudolph Mosehlane City Midrand
Subjects Mathematical Literacy; Mathematics; Life Sciences; Natural Sciences
Be tutored by a full time professional educator in and around Midrand, Tembisa area for an affordable amount of R50 per hour per subject.
Contact (M.)  0727287688  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Professional Homeschool Teacher and Tutor

Name Richard van der Merwe City Johannesburg
Subjects Maths, Science, Afrikaans and English - All Ages to Matric
When it comes to private teaching, I am one of the best. I have run a maths centre and tutored privately over the last 7 years. Currently I am a full-time homeschool teacher in Sandton with a degree in Psychology and Honours in English Literature. Rates are negotiable.
Contact (M.)  071 208 6373  (T.)  071 208 6373  (E.) 

Accounting Tutor

Name Ulrich City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Accounting Grade 10-12 Fac 1502
Bachelor of Business Administration Graduate and currently final year Bcom Financial Management. Rates are R150 p/h R200 for 2 hours and R300 for a 3 hour session. Call 078 188 8362 or Whatsapp 060 554 6704.
Contact (M.)  078 188 8362  (T.)  078 188 8362  (E.) 

Maths and Physical Science Tutor

Name Siphamandla Ndlovu City Durban
Subjects Mathematics and Physical Science
I am a very professional tutor having tutored about 50 learners so far, which more than 10 of them have passed their Maths and Science subject with distinctions. Currently doing my third year in Chemical Engineering at UKZN and have already finished all my Maths and Scence content.
Contact (M.)  0627516245  (T.)  0627516245  (E.) 

Acc, Science, Maths, Ecos and Languages Tutor

Name Farisani Mulaudzi City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Maths, Stats, Programming/IT, Acc, Physics, Economics, Eng(HL), Afri(FAL), Venda
I am a friendly and experienced, Statistics graduate tutor from the UP with 3 years experience tutoring grade R to 1st years. I achieved distinctions for my grade 12 subjects as well as my university modules. I am passionate about helping students get the best marks possible and to tap into their inner excellence. Don't hesitate to call me or email me. Available everyday(both Weekdays and Weekends)
Contact (M.)  0605421708  (T.)  0605421708  (E.) 

Affordable Tutor

Name Tshepo City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Maths, Accounting and Physics
Bsc Actuarial Science final year student. I am committed into helping you or your child excel in the above mentioned subjects. “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.”
Contact (M.)  0840457354  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Maths and Physical Science

Name Ayo City Johannesburg
Subjects Maths, Physics and Chemistry
I provide extra lessons in Maths, Physics and Chemistry at affordable rates anywhere around Germiston, Alberton. I have my Matric result with 5 distinctions and I currently hold an Honours degree in Engineering. Call or whatsapp me.
Contact (M.)  0781060410  (T.)  0781060410  (E.) 


Name Xoliswa Mapaile City Johannesburg
Subjects Financial Reporting, Auditing , Life Sciences and Mathematics
I am BCom Accounting Science graduate. I provide one on one extra lessons for Accounting, Auditing, Mathematics (grade 7-9) and Life Sciences (grade 12).
Contact (M.)  0731707529  (T.)  0731707529  (E.) 

Accounting, Maths and Zulu Tutor

Name Halalisani Chonco City Johannesburg
Subjects Accounting, Maths and Zulu
If you are looking for an experienced Tutor for Accounting, Maths and Zulu around JHB I am in Katlehong.
Contact (M.)  0714080843  (T.)  0714080843  (E.) 

Private Lessons in Pure Mathematics

Name Eddie City Johannesburg
Subjects Pure Mathematics
Good day Students. I'm willing to assist you in improving your Maths skills. Remember you can't study at University without Maths. First you will improve. Then you will excel in your achievement. Make your dream come true. It is one on one sessions and no classes. Call Eddie on 0610474689.
Contact (M.)  0610474689  (T.)  0610474689  (E.) 

1st year Student (BEd IP) Maths in Centurion

Name Brendan City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Mathematics
I have a great passion for mathematics and wish to share my passion with younger generations.
Contact (M.)  0768105042  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Engineering Graphics and Design EGD

Name Boitumelo City Johannesburg
Subjects Engineering Graphics and Design
I teach Grade 10 to 12 and University students struggling with technical drawings.
Contact (M.)  0713255063   (T.)   -    (E.) 

Ace Your Final Exam for Maths and Science

Name Simon City Cape Town
Subjects Mathematics and Physical Science
Let me help you get your dream marks in Maths and Science.
Contact (M.)  0781318375  (T.)  0781318375  (E.) 

Maths and Science Tutor to Your Rescue

Name Samkelo City Durban
Subjects Mathematics and Physical Science
I am third year Chemical Engineering student enrolled at UKZN, having had finished all Maths and Science aspects with an average of higher than 82%. I have intensive tutoring experience and produced two A's in the year 2018.
Contact (M.)  0837276047  (T.)  0837276047  (E.) 

Private Tutor

Name Mary-Beth City Johannesburg
Subjects English, Biology, History & Undergraduate Law
I am a LLB Graduate. I have 3 years tutoring experience across various subjects, which involved homework, studying, test and examination preparation.
Contact (M.)  0732345920  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Affordable Mathematics R650 per Month

Name Naum Ngavi City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Mathematics
I'm a graduate in Maths and Statistics. I also have 4 matric distinctions (including Mathematics). I have 4 years of tutoring experience. I know how to help make difficult concepts easier.
Contact (M.)  0711050751  (T.)  0711050751  (E.) 

Math Science & Engineering Tutor

Name Thandwa Nguma City Johannesburg
Subjects Math, Science & Engineering Tutor
I am Civil Engineering graduate (B.Eng. Civil) from the University of Johannesburg. I have been tutoring for more than 3 years in both High School & Varsity level and I have reliable references with available contacts. WhatsApp 073 078 1974
Contact (M.)  0730781974  (T.)  0730781974  (E.) 

Grade 8 - 12 Maths Tuition

Name Charlene Fotso City Johannesburg
Subjects Mathematics
I am a medical student at Wits University, Johannesburg with a passion for Maths. With my 3 years tutoring experience and a lot of patience, my learners always achieve excellence. I'm available on both weekends and weekdays to work around your child's schedule.
Contact (M.)  0824409830  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Private Tutor

Name Jessica City Johannesburg
Subjects General Primary school subjects, English and Music
I have completed my education degree at the University of Pretoria and I am currently studying my Honours in Educational Psychology.
Contact (M.)   -    (T.)   -    (E.) 

Teacher / Tutor

Name Marlize Swart City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Grade R - Grade 3
I'm a teacher at a special needs school, with 6 years teaching experience. I have an Honours degree in Learning Support and I'm also a part time lecturer at Varsity College for second year education students. I am more than competent to teach mainstream, remedial and special needs learners. Feel free to contact me. 0727340896
Contact (M.)  0727340896  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Dyslexia Tutor Available

Name Nthabiseng City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects English and Maths
Hi. I am a dyslexia tutor based in Pretoria. I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree (cum laude) in English and Linguistics, as well as a dyslexia support qualification from the University of London online school. I have four years tutoring experience, and I am passionate about special needs education. I offer reading, writing, literacy and numeracy lessons to all grades.
Contact (M.)  082 316 9298  (T.)   -    (E.) 


Name Koketso Nonyane City Johannesburg
Subjects Accounting, Mathematics, Economics, Business Management, History, English.
I have completed a Law and a Commerce degree. I am currently studying towards a Masters degree. Grade 10 - 12 R150 per hour. I travel to your house/preferred location.
Contact (M.)  0814741099  (T.)   -    (E.) 


Name Pontsho City Johannesburg
Hi I am a tutor for (Grade R-4) based in Rustenburg (North West). I offer reading, writing, literacy lessons and I also help with homework. I am available after 5pm from Monday to Friday. Lessons are R150.00 Kindly contact me on 071 080 3183
Contact (M.)  0710803183  (T.)  0710803183  (E.) 

Tutor Rob

Name City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Afrikaans, Maths gr 1-7
I have been involved in home schooling since 2010 during week mornings as well as tutoring children of various ages during the afternoons. Currently I am available Mondays to Wednesdays 15h00 until 17h00. Saturdays can be arranged on request.
Contact (M.)  0767639467  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Mathematics Tutor

Name Marcus Seema City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Mathematics
Mechanical Engineering Technician, more than 10 years Maths teaching experience.
Contact (M.)  0614791437  (T.)  0136476623  (E.) 

A Mobile Teacher or Tutor

Name Mr EL Ngidi City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Grade 10 to 12 including Tertiary Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry
MSc Organic Chemistry, BSc Hons Chemistry, BSc Mathematics & Chemistry, PGCE Physical Science and Mathematics from Wits University. SACE registration no. 12338452 The best Science Tutor is back in Town.
Contact (M.)  0722802870  (T.)  0123056155  (E.) 

Mathematics Tutor R150/hour

Name Mika Schoeman City Cape Town
Subjects Mathematics
I am a dedicated 2nd year teaching student (B.Ed Senior Phase & Further Education and Training) with Mathematics as a major. I am always willing to go on the journey to help others achieve their academic goals!. 2nd year teaching student with a passion for Mathematics!
Contact (M.)  0724782312  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Piano Lessons for Beginners R40 for 30 mins

Name Mike City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Piano
I give good piano lessons for beginners. In piano music, playing in "Legato" means playing smoothly without any silence between the notes.
Contact (M.)  0728961721  (T.)  0728961721  (E.) 

Science and Mathematics Tutor

Name Mthokozisi Nhlabatsi City Bloemfontein
Subjects Physical Science, Mathematics
I have been tutoring for five years and I have references. I have tutored Cambridge, IEB and CAPS.
Contact (M.)  0620707183  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Economics and Accounting Tutor

Name Ntshephe Pete City Midrand
Subjects Economics and Accounting
I am a BCom Graduate from University of Limpopo. Education is my Calling
Contact (M.)  0814248513  (T.)  0814248513  (E.) 

Accounting and Economics Tutor

Name Madimetsa City Midrand
Subjects Accounting and Economics
i am a Bcom graduate from Wits University. i am very good with accounting and economics at all levels.
Contact (M.)  0723229793  (T.)  0723229793  (E.) 

Maths, Applied Maths, Stats & Science Tutor

Name Sizwe City Midrand
Subjects Maths, Physics, Applied Maths, Statistics
I have a Masters degree in Mathematics from Wits University. I am currently working on my PHD in Applied Mathematics (part time). I provide tutoring services on weekends and after business hours during the week. I put emphasis on the understanding of concepts by starting with basics and building up to more complex problems. I also offer study techniques and assist with assignments and prep for tests / exams. I do all grades from high school to final year university.
Contact (M.)  0767481728  (T.)  0609807448  (E.) 

Special Needs Tutor

Name Nomcebo Mgaga City Johannesburg
Subjects Maths, Physical Sciences, IsiZulu, Life Science and English
I am a Wits postgraduate Engineering Tutor with a special needs certificate in education. I am passionate about tutoring with 5 years experience and guaranteed results. I love to transfer knowledge especially to kids with special needs who are mostly understood. I charge R350 per hour and travel to your location.
Contact (M.)  0782538067  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Tutoring Maths

Name Cristal City Cape Town
Subjects Mathematics
Tutoring lessons for grade 1 - 2 on Saturday mornings
Contact (M.)  0732377174  (T.)  0732377174  (E.) 

Maths, Biology and Science tutor

Name Willem Henric Niek van Harderwijk City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Maths, Biology and Science
I am an Independent Educational Consultant providing expertise in Maths and Science for all grades including University. If you need assistance with tuition, don't hesitate to contact me. I have considerable experience with the CAPS, IEB and Cambridge curricula
Contact (M.)  0795908485  (T.)  0795908485  (E.) 
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