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Get the *Mathematics Mark* You Deserve

Name Jayden City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Mathematics
At the University of Pretoria I now study Applied Mathematics. In 2016 I was in top 5 Mathematics achievement in the municipality of Ekurhuleni. I enjoy helping other people who struggle to hit a wonderful mark in Mathematics. That's one of the things that I do best.
Contact (M.)  0814388969  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Affordable Online Tutoring

Name Christabel City Johannesburg
Subjects Accounting, Business Studies, Statistics, Business Management and Economic Management Sciences (EMS)
I am currently a Bachelor of Accounting student working towards becoming a Chartered Accountant. I am passionate about helping others reach their full potential. Believe that you can and you're half way there. I would love to be a part of your journey.
Contact (M.)   -    (T.)  0730090637  (E.) 

Math, Stats, Science, Economics, Financial and IT

Name Professor Mo City Midrand
Subjects Maths, Stats, Science, Physics, Economics, Financial, Computer Programming & Information Technology
I am a Professor with Degrees in Mathematics and Computer Programming. I have more than five years in tutoring learners from Grade 6 up to PHD level. My charming and humourous personality always produces above expected results for my learners when sitting an exam. (This is because psychologically, the human brain absorbs information better when it is in a relaxed and stress- free frame of mind ;-))
Contact (M.)  0715843227  (T.)  0715843227  (E.) 

Get The Marks You Need For Mathematics

Name Coenie Herbst City Johannesburg
Subjects Mathematics
Ex school teacher and 8 years experience professional tuition. Offering Online tuition for Mathematics from Grade 8-12 and N1, N2, N3 and N4. Technical Maths Grade 10 -12.
Contact (M.)  0832768350  (T.)   -    (E.) 

ICB Tutor

Name Anesu Manuel City Cape Town
Subjects ICB Financial Accounting
Hi guys l offer assistance with private tutorials in Cape Town. Classes or Assignments of these modules: Bookkeeping To Trial Balance,Computerized Bookkeeping ,Payroll and Monthly Financial Statements, Business Literacy, Cost and Management Accounting,Income Tax Returns and MACS. If you are interested call or WhatsApp 074 774 6133.
Contact (M.)  0747746133  (T.)  0747746133  (E.) 

Pure Mathematics

Name Eddie City Johannesburg
Subjects Pure Mathematics
Good day Matric students.We have private lessons during lock down.If you want to pass Maths this year,do not delay to do lessons. Call Eddie on 0610474689
Contact (M.)  0610474689  (T.)  0610474689  (E.) 

Maths and Science Made Easy

Name Andries Maluleka City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Mathematics and Physical Science
Contact me if you want to see great results. I'm a very passionate tutor who has more than seven years of experience. I have been producing great results, get in contact now.I tutor All Grades up until second level of University.
Contact (M.)  0603278067   (T.)  0814190577  (E.) 


Name Nyaradzo Mtizira City Cape Town
Subjects Life Orientation, Life Skills, Social Sciences, French and English
I am highly interested in being your Tutor.
Contact (M.)  0652826018  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Physical Science Tutor

Name Noluvuyo Shwempe City Johannesburg
Subjects Physical Science
I am an experienced tutor with 4 years tutoring experience. I taught Grade 12 Chemistry for 2 years. I have Online tutoring experience and I am available to tutor online at affordable prices.
Contact (M.)  0636044526  (T.)  0823269414  (E.) 

Available Teacher

Name Kudzai E Manyangadze City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Mathematics, English, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences and Geography
I am a qualified Zimbabwean teacher who wishes to assist pupils to acquire knowledge by attaining the best marks. Grade 1-9.
Contact (M.)  0620817880  (T.)  0840738054  (E.) 

Zimbabwean Teacher

Name Mashanda Stanford City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Mathematics, Science, English, Accounting, Business Studies and Economics
Result oriented tutor and eperienced in tutoring for the past 3 years.
Contact (M.)  0682619139  (T.)  0682619139  (E.) 

Great Competent Reliable Tutor

Name Kelly Shaw City Johannesburg
Subjects Maths and Afrikaans FAL (Grade 4 to 10)
I am a 3rd year, BEd (Education student), majoring in Mathematics. I have been tutoring Maths since end of 2018 and Afr FAL since middle of 2019. I am passionate in teaching Mathematics and Afrikaans FAL, and in embracing the individuality of each student. I firmly believe that students learn best when they understand the subject content, and are able to apply their own individual learning styles, not a general method for all!
Contact (M.)  0842501798  (T.)  0842501798  (E.) 

Online Tutor Services

Name Tinashe City Johannesburg
Subjects AUE 3702 AUE 3761 AUI 3702 FAC3762
I am a CTA graduate with 3 years tutoring experience available to tutor Online at very affordable rates.
Contact (M.)  625937906  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Online and Affordable Tutor

Name Bhavaniya Moodliar City Johannesburg
Subjects Accounting, Maths, English, Afrikaans and Business Studies
I can tutor all subjects from Grade 1-9. I am currently studying Actuarial Science at UCT. Contact me for prices and my High School marks.
Contact (M.)  0726360785  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Mathematics Tutor

Name Bulela Bam City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Mathematics
Provide tutoring services for Primary and High School students.
Contact (M.)   -    (T.)   -    (E.) 

Home School Lessons in Maths and English

Name Delight City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Maths, English and Life Skills
I am an experienced tutor. I have been tutoring for the past 3 years.I aim for the best results. This is one on one lessons at an affordable price.Grades 1-7. Call Delight on 0643069147
Contact (M.)  0643069147  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Maths and Physical Science Tutor

Name Ayo City Johannesburg
Subjects Maths, Physics and Chemistry
I provide extra lessons in Maths, Physics and Chemistry for Grade 10 to 12 at affordable rates. I have my matric result with 5 distinctions and I currently hold an Honours degree in Engineering. Call or WhatsApp 0781060410.
Contact (M.)  0781060410  (T.)  0781060410  (E.) 

Experienced Mathematics and Physical Science Tutor

Name Lindo Buthelezi City Cape Town
Subjects Mathematics and Physical Sciences
I'm an Actuary by profession and I'm extremely passionate about imparting my knowledge. I have been tutoring Mathematics and Physical Sciences for about 8 years now. I'm confident I can help anyone who is willing to apply themselves. If you need Mathematics and Physical Sciences in Cape Town and surrounding suburbs, please don't hesitate to let me know. I travel to you so that the lessons can take place in the comfort of your own home. Regards Lindo
Contact (M.)  0790389967  (T.)  0650476742  (E.) 

Tutor and Home School Teacher

Name Yumna Dockrat City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Grade 1-5 All subjects. Grade 6-12 English
12 years teaching experience. TEFL qualified. Gaurantee great grades.
Contact (M.)  0723479408  (T.)  0723479408  (E.) 

Mathematics Tutor

Name Wendy Madzambo City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Mathematics
I'm an Engineering Technician and Civil Engineering Student. I have a strong passion in teaching. I always say it is the love that drives us to do things. I want to help young kids to improve in problem solving. I would hate it to see their dreams of becoming a doctor or engineer being shattered simply because Maths is giving them a hard time. I believe they can do it.
Contact (M.)  0613193763  (T.)  0613193763  (E.) 

Online Mathematics Tutorials

Name Ofentse City Johannesburg
Subjects Mathematics
I am a Bsc Actuarial and Financial Maths graduate and qualified teacher offering Online Maths tutorials from Secondary to Tertiary. First Tutorial free. Secondary schooling price R150.00 Grade7-12 Tertiary price is R200.00
Contact (M.)  0767258255  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Mathematics Tutor

Name Kgalalelo City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Mathematics
I'm a graduate from the University of Pretoria. I have been tutoring Mathematics (IEB and CAPS) for the past 3 years for Grade 9 -12. I aim for the best results at affordable rates. I offer Online sessions.
Contact (M.)  0678634058  (T.)  0678634058  (E.) 

Student Tutor

Name Mena City Johannesburg
Subjects Maths, Life Sciences (Biology) and Geography
From a young age I knew that I loved helping people and because of that I have become a very skilled and enthusiastic individual, who aims to help those around me to meet their academic goals or whatever it is that challenges them academically, as well as help with effective study methods to prepare one for their examination. Education not only provides hope for the disadvantaged students with knowledge but a better chance to improve his or her life.
Contact (M.)  0737680411  (T.)  0737680411  (E.) 

Mathematics Tutor

Name Nkululeko Sadike City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Mathematics
I am an experienced tutor. I have been tutoring for the past 6 years. I aim for the best results at affordable rates. I tutor IEB, CAPS and First Year Calculus and Statistics.
Contact (M.)  0670902748  (T.)   -    (E.) 

All Math Tuition Online Tutoring

Name Sfiso City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects All Math Subjects from Grade 10 to 4th Year University
I'm a BSc Mathematics graduate from the University of Pretoria. I help with everything from day-to-day studying to assignment writing and exam preparation. I offer both one-on-one and group Online sessions. I have various packages tailored to suit your needs.
Contact (M.)  0723963860  (T.)   -    (E.) 


Name Ash City Johannesburg
Subjects Maths
Online Maths Tuition: via Zoom, email, Whatsapp and sms. Cell 0731047201 .Grade 12.
Contact (M.)  0731047201  (T.)   -    (E.) 

One on One Tutoring Lessons

Name Mirenda Ngwenya City Durban
Subjects Accounting, Mathematics and Conversational English
Struggling to understand certain topics in your subjects? No need to worry. I offer one on one tutoring sessions Online for learners. My approach is to focus on what a learner is mostly struggling with and breaking down the concepts for them. I believe that one always has the ability to improve as long as they are given the platform and resources to do so.
Contact (M.)  0845413193  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Physical Science and Life Science Tutor

Name Barbara Mlilo City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Life Science
Get customised Science classes physically or Online. First session is FREE!
Contact (M.)  0817232833  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Gr 10-12 (Online and In- Person) Alberton area

Name Auxilia Munhutu City Johannesburg
Subjects Maths, Maths Lit, Science and Physical Science
Dedicated and experienced tutor, who will customise lessons to address students weak areas. Call for quotations.
Contact (M.)  0783812197  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Homeschooling and Online Tutor

Name Wallastencia City Cape Town
Subjects English, Business Studies, Economics and Maths
I acquired distinctions for my Matric at a Cambridge institute and I'm a proud holder of an international Diploma in Marketing and Sales Management. I have a passion for tutoring children and imparting my knowledge to upgrade their future and be optimistic individuals. I tutor English, Maths, Economics and Business Studies. I'm also results oriented. My vision as a tutor is to nurture children who value education and reading.
Contact (M.)  0620554587  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Best Maths And Science Tutor During Lockdown

Name Billy Tsabane City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Mathematics (All Levels) and Physical Science (Grade 12)
I am available during this lockdown level 3 for travel and Zoom video tutorials.
Contact (M.)  0834367472  (T.)  0834367472  (E.) 

Geography And Mathematics

Name Nhlakanipho Suprise Madlala City East London
Subjects Geography and Mathematics
Contact (M.)  0637940574  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Private French Tutor

Name Gwladis City Johannesburg
Subjects French
Hi there! Would you like to improve your French skills and have better grades? Search no more, I will be glad to assist. Grade 1- University.
Contact (M.)  +27622952050  (T.)  +27622952050  (E.) 


Name Nosiswe Mhlongo City Durban
Subjects Mathematics and Physical Sciences
I love to teach young children who are willing to pass.
Contact (M.)  0620394066  (T.)  0620394066  (E.) 


Name Joeleen Ncube City Johannesburg
Subjects Mathematics and social Sciences
I am teaching Mathematics and Social Sciences from Grade 8-11. I also assist undergraduates in writing essays and research proposals.
Contact (M.)  0651399304  (T.)  0651399304  (E.) 

UNISA - Mathematics Institute

Name Math Professor City Johannesburg
Subjects Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (S.T.E.M)
University of South Africa : Tutoring for S.T.E.M - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.
Contact (M.)  0780036888  (T.)  0780036888  (E.) 

Physical Sciences Tutor - Greater Germiston

Name Prudence City Johannesburg
Subjects Maths, Physical Sciences and Natural Sciences
I have at least seven years experience of teaching Physical Sciences at Germiston High. If you are looking at improving your marks I am the right person to help you achieve that.
Contact (M.)  0682114960  (T.)  0682114960  (E.) 

Achieve More in Math and Science

Name Dane Tucker City Johannesburg
Subjects Math and Science
Hi, I am an 'A' aggregate student that matriculated in 2019 from St. Stithians Boys College with an average of 90% for Math and Science.
Contact (M.)  0614450578  (T.)  0614450578  (E.) 

Online Life Sciences And Cambridge Biology

Name Dr Christine McGladdery City Pretoria / Centurion
Subjects Life Sciences, Biology, Geography and Maths Literacy
I have over 25 years experience teaching High School learners and am also the Editor of a series of Life Sciences textbooks. I have oodles of patience and derive tremendous satisfaction in helping young people to achieve their academic goals.Based in Marloth Park, Mpumalanga and available to tutor.
Contact (M.)  0798804686  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Life Sciences and Natural Sciences

Name Mvinjelwa City Cape Town
Subjects Life Sciences and Natural Sciences
I teach Natural Sciences all GET and Life Sciences all the FET.
Contact (M.)  0716842994  (T.)  0215933050  (E.) 

Remedial Tutor For Primary School also Available Online

Name Brunni Ortmann City Pietermaritzburg
Subjects Remedial Gr 1-7 / Afrikaans and Consumer Studies Gr 8-12, Gr1-7/ English Gr 1-7, German Gr 1-7
I have been teaching for 20 years. I am passionate about helping children with Reading/ Spelling/ Writing/ Languages/ Maths and Different Learning Difficulties.I believe every child is unique and has special skills.
Contact (M.)  0718195463  (T.)  0718195463  (E.) 

Tutor Available

Name Butana City Johannesburg
Subjects Mathematics
Contact (M.)  0728298037  (T.)  0728298037  (E.) 

Maths and Physical Science

Name Dumisane City Johannesburg
Subjects Maths and Physical Science
A graduate Chemical Engineer from Wits University.I have been tutoring for the past 7 years. I obtained 100% and 98% in Maths and Physical Sciences respectively at High School. I obtained 96% in Maths 1 and 2 at Wits. I have a good track record of students whom I helped with these two subjects and they went on to achieve amazing marks on their final exams. After all there is an element of beauty and simplicity in Mathematics. Let me help you in these trying times.
Contact (M.)  0822200647  (T.)  0658173160  (E.) 

Capetonian Genius

Name Simon City Cape Town
Subjects Mathematics, Physcial Sciences and Electrical Engineering
The best in the Western Cape to guide you into Distinctions of Maths and Science.
Contact (M.)  0781318375  (T.)  0781318375  (E.) 

Maths Tutor

Name Archiebald City Johannesburg
Subjects Maths (Grade 8-12) and First Year University BCOM or TVET Courses
Are you worried about the impact of COVID19 on your child's education? Keeping momentum is key for further progression. There is a solution. I am a fundi with extensive experience rendering tutoring services at your convenience at reasonable prices considering the current economic recession.
Contact (M.)  0685584614  (T.)   -    (E.) 

Law Tutor in West Rand/Johannesburg

Name Lucky Kekana City Johannesburg
Subjects Law Subjects \ LLB Modules
I am an LLB graduate and have been practicing law since 2005,I am an advocate and have a passion for empowering Student Lawyers.
Contact (M.)  0835035582  (T.)  0835035582  (E.) 

Tutor For Hire

Name Megan-Louise City Johannesburg
Subjects English, Maths and Afrikaans
Hi, I’m very excited to hear from you. let’s talk about how I can help your child with his/her school work, during these unprecedented times we’re living in. I can tutor all Primary School subjects, and am a dynamic, passionate tutor, with patience to guide learning potential towards success. Working harmoniously with diverse learners. My rates are extremely affordable, as my aim is to ensure that no child lag behind. Contact me today.
Contact (M.)  0738461295  (T.)   -    (E.) 
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